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  About PowerGen Advancement          

PowerGen Advancement is a leading information centric website.

On one side powergenadvancement.com has established itself as one of the most efficient and comprehensive source of power generation information online, dedicated to providing decision makers in all the power industry sectors with reliable, accurate and useful insight into the happenings in the power sector.

And on the other side runs with an objective to promote its client and advertisers through various online marketing activities which are circulated to the key decision makers within the industry.


Sections covered – 1. Renewable Power 2. Nuclear Power 3. Thermal Power

Graphical representation of sectors covered by PowerGen Advancement- www.powergenadvancement.com

  About Online Marketing          


Online advertising is a highly cost effective technique that allows a company to communicate or put across their message 24 x 7 to a targeted global audience with 100% ROI and no wastage.

It has the ability to create brand awareness and improve positioning in potential customer’s minds as well as encouraging direct interaction with the company’s website and the product or service they are offering.

Powergenadvancement.com has a range of online advertising opportunities that will ensure the company’s objective or message reaches a global audience of the power sector. A high proportion of regular repeat business ensures it pays off. 


 Our Online Marketing Services            

Standalone E-Mail Service:

In this service we will send the e-mails or your company’s HTML template to a targeted segment of our email subscriber list, giving your company a platform to exclusively reach the people that really matter to your business. This approach is based on a 100% ROI module as you could target a specific audience from a specific region.

Event Listing:

PowerGen Advancement is subscribed, referred and read by the top executives of various companies. Marketing managers from various sections in power industry keep referring to our website for the latest in the events and conferences.

The event calendar and listing help them and the other potential interested clients to know the date, venue and other specifications of the event so as to makes it easier for them to decide a right platform and thus this service becomes more important and vital where in we list your event details along with its profile.

Banners Placement

PowerGen Advancement has a huge subscriber base with an effective marketing mix and thus the website gets a good impression from these decision makers on regular basis.

Banner advertising on our website provides your company with a creative opportunity to promote the brand or product to approximately 50,000 unique visitors per month, who are just one click away from the company’s website.

Online banner placement in Sectors of the website – www.powergenadvancement.com
Link to specific events section: http://powergenadvancement.com/events-conferences

Banners on the Global Page

Banners on the Sector Page

Note* powergenadvancement.com provides the companies with a variety of banner advertising opportunities including headline banners, skyscrapers, buttons and interstitials.

Content Marketing

Contextual advertisement is advertising through content which is recognized as the most effective ways of promotion as  this is not a direct advertise and is also based on the inputs from a 3rd party. Information could be featured in the form of news, press releases, articles, case studies, etc. 

They are often used in generating a feature story or are sent for the purpose of announcing announce a range of news items, such as scheduled events, personal promotions, awards, new products and services, sales and other financial data, accomplishments, etc

The benefit of featuring them on powergen Advancement is because of its huge network and also because the content on www.powergenadvancement.com is also Search Engine optimized to enhance marketing through sharing information/knowledge and key words driven traffic.

To add up on our advantages is that the content is also distributed to our subscribers on regular intervals.

 Our Subscribers breakup by Geography:   



ASIA                                   32500
EUROPE                                   50000
AMERICA                                   58500
AFRICA + OTHERS                                   11500
Total by Sections                                152500                                     


 Our Subscribers break up by Sector :             


 Our Subscribers break up by based on Region and Sectors:     

Audience Nuclear Thermal                   Renewable Total by region
 solar  wind  hydro  marine/Tidal
ASIA     4000     7000 5000 11000 4000 1500          32500
EUROPE     19000     4000 8000 14000 3500 1500          50000
AMERICA     27000     2500 12500 11000 4000  1500          58500
AFRICA + OTHERS     2500     2000 2000 3000 1500 500          11500
Total by Sections     52500     15500 27500 39000 13000 5000          152500


>> powergenadvancement.com is one of the most viewed and visible websites catering the different power sectors across the globe.

>> Powergenadvancement.com key audiences include top business managers and decision makers across the globe

>> Powergenadvancement.com is a gateway for all the companies looking to do business in the power industry worldwide.

>> Powergenadvancement.com has a subscription base of approximately 143000 subscribers globally and is one of the most growing websites in the power sector.

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